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White Gorilla PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Cosma Papouis   
Thursday, 15 July 2010 13:08

White Gorilla


A man reads in the paper of a white gorilla in a zoo far away. He 
decides that he just has to see it. The journey will be a long and 
arduous one but he simply cannot resist. He sets out on his trip and 
travels by car to the docks, and catches a boat across a huge ocean. 
After weeks of sea travel he arrives at the other side and takes a 
train to the zoo.

When he sees the white gorilla he can't believe his eyes, it's the 
most beautiful thing he's ever seen. He simply must get a closer look, 
so he goes to the zoo manager and begs to be allowed into the 
gorilla's cage.

After much arguing the man finally persuades the manager to let him in 
to the gorilla's cage, but before he does he tells the man that 
whatever he does he must not under any circumstances touch the white 
gorilla. The man agrees and is led to the cage.

He tiptoes into the cage and is amazed, the gorilla is even more 
beautiful close up than it was from a distance. The white gorilla just 
sits quietly and looks at the man. After a while the man gets use to 
being so close to the gorilla and it seems so peaceful and calm that 
he starts to think that there can't be any harm in touching the 
gorilla. He slowly moves closer and closer to it, all the time the 
white gorilla just looks calmly at him. He reaches out his arm and 
gently touches the gorilla.

Just as his arm makes contact the gorilla jumps up and starts roaring. 
The man turns and runs to the exit, getting there just before the 
gorilla. He leaps through the door and the keepers slam the door just 
in time.

The gorilla pulls at the door and to the man's horror the bars start 
to bend. The man runs out of the zoo and to the train station and 
jumps on the train, which as luck would have it is just leaving. He 
glances back and can see the gorilla chasing after the train, but not 
gaining on it. The train arrives at the docks and the man quickly 
scampers aboard the boat.

The boat leaves and the man thinks he's safe at last. He relaxes and 
starts to enjoy the leisurely cruise back across the ocean. The day 
they're due back in port he's walking on deck when he sees a small 
shape in the water trailing behind the boat. He can't make it out so 
he borrows a pair of binoculars from someone. He focuses the 
binoculars on the small shape and is horrified to discover that it's 
the white gorilla, swimming behind the boat. It must have been there 
all along.

The boat then arrives in port and the man hurries through customs and 
rushes to his car. He drives off just in time to see the gorilla 
climbing out of the ocean from his rear view mirror. He drives as fast 
as he can to his house and runs in locking the door behind him. All 
the time being followed be the huge white gorilla. The gorilla starts 
pounding on the door and having seen what it did to the cage at the 
zoo the man knows it won't take it very long to get in. He runs from 
room to room trying to think of a place he can hide. He hears the door 
shatter and dives into a wardrobe and pulls the door closed behind 
him. Outside the gorilla is going mad trying to find the man, he's 
ripping things up and tearing out doors. Finally he comes to the 
wardrobe the man is hiding in and rips the door off. The gorilla sees 
the man and smiles, reaches out a massive hand and gently touches the 
man and says...


"Tag, you're it".





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