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This website started out as a place to dump some jokes that were too large to email out to my friends.  The original design was basic, but functional (also known as rubbish ;) ).  I added some ads in an attempt to cover the ever increasing bandwidth costs, but this has never happened and the site continues to be supported by me.  Such is life.

It has grown over time to the point that it is getting a reasonable amount of traffic and so I thought I would restyle it so it looked nice.  At this point I added the request for donations, in an attempt to at least break even; I can but live in hope.

Whatever happens I shall continue expanding the site and hope to add new features over time.

Do feel free to submit jokes and I will publish as many as possible.  The criteria are quite simple.  The joke must be funny.  I am not to bothered about subject material, but I will moderate all submissions and will not publish any that I consider to be racist, too sexy (obscene) or illegal!

This is, after all, a bit of fun.  So while I do not mind offending some people I certainly do not want it to become offensive (if you know what I mean).

Do feel free to submit jokes and/or comments.  I will review them all and will try to act on as many as possible.

Best wishes.


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