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Monday, 31 August 2009 22:10

Joke of the Week - 31/08/09

Red Binder

Everyone needs a red binder

No matter what work you do ...............

For all you Working People and anyone else needing it...  

Red Biinder

There are times when additional support is necessary to get through a grueling day at work.
Here's one suggestion.
A Master Reference binder has been created for all who may need to reference it.
Inside this binder you will find 'solutions' to everyday problems.

If you are having problems with the photocopier, having difficulty dealing with co-workers , having computer problems...
please come and get the red binder and it will help you through your issue.
You may refer to the red binder as often as you wish.

Red Binder

Red Binder

Use the red binder for all is guaranteed to make you stress-free and relaxed until it wears off.
Then all is still the same, only with a headache!

(from the Human Resources Department)




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