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Thursday, 24 September 2009 12:28

The Software Engineer (SE) and the Project Manager (PM)

A Software Engineer (SE) and a Project Manager (PM) were traveling towards Mumbai in a train. 

Sat opposite them was a beautiful girl with her grand ma. 

After some time, Eye-Eye interactions started between the SE and the girl.

After an hour the train went into a tunnel and it was very dark.

Suddenly, every body heard a Kissing followed by the sound of slapping.

Every body remained silent, when the train came out of the tunnel.

The Grand ma thought," The PM is a rogue; how dare he?? He has kissed my grand daughter! But my Grand daughter is genuine; she immediately slapped him."

The PM thought ," I can't believe that the SE has kissed that girl! But it is unfair that she slapped me by mistake"

The girl thought," I feel happy, when the SE guy kissed me, but I feel sorry that my grand ma has slapped him".

Finally, the SE thought?

"This one minute in my life is wonderful, it hardly comes... because, at the same time I have kissed a girl and also I have slapped my PM."  




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