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Darwin Awards

WELCOME TO OUR ARCHIVE -- 843 less-than-stellar plans that seemed
like a good idea at the time.  Over the past fifteen years, I have
read thousands of fatal reports.  Consequently I no longer stand
on wheeled chairs near windows, attempt to defeat the safety on
common tools, and never, ever drive while talking or texting.
       Read these stories--and be safe! --Wendy

Celebrate Charles Darwin's birthday on February 12th!
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Four new Darwin Awards and four new At-Risk Survivors:

       Electric Bathtub Blues (darwin award)
       Muffled Explosion (darwin award)
       Glacier Erasure (darwin award)
       Dynamite Rancher (darwin award)
       Spin Cycle (at-risk survivor)
       Shockingly Conductive (at-risk survivor)
       Shocking Rappel (at-risk survivor)
       Dis-Arm (at-risk survivor)

       1978, France | Historic Darwin Award: The career of French
singer Claude Francois can be compared to that of Elvis Presley.  One
evening, he returned to his Paris apartment from a busy touring
schedule, and ran a bath...

MUFFLED EXPLOSION (darwin award)
       January 2009, Pennsylvania | Living Darwin Award! An
embarrassed and seriously injured 17-year-old initially claimed that
an explosive had been planted in his backpack by persons
unknown.  However, investigators soon extracted the truth...

GLACIER ERASURE (darwin award)
       (From the archives of a 30-year ER MD) In the late fall,
snow-covered mountains become infested with hunters.  One ambitious
pair climbed high up a mountain in search of their quarry.  The trail
crossed a small glacier that had crusted over...

DYNAMITE RANCHER (darwin award)
       May 2009, Utah | 59-year-old Brent L. found a stash of
dynamite in a shed on his ranch three miles south of the ATK Thiokol
rocket testing area.  This stash of flash was something he felt he
could deal with on his own...

SPIN CYCLE (at-risk survivor)
       July 2008 | Two co-workers decided to celebrate the 4th of
July in their own special way.  The plan? They loaded an old washing
machine with tens of pounds of firecrackers, lit a fuse, dropped the
lid, and ran.  Nothing happened...

DIS-ARM (at-risk survivor)
       August 2008, The Netherlands | A 33-year-old man was
carpooling to work in Hindeloopen when he mentioned to his colleague
that he was carrying a self-made bomb.  The driver immediately
stopped the car and ejected the lunatic...

SHOCKING RAPPEL (at-risk survivor)
       June 2008, West Virginia | A man climbed the power line
tower behind his house, attached a rope to the top of it, and began
to rappel down...

SHOCKINGLY CONDUCTIVE (at-risk survivor)
       The Aviation Electronics instructor began his class on
'Insulators' with this observation: "Wood is a non-conductor, right?
Don't you believe it!" He had purchased an acre of property that was
covered in fast-growing poplar trees.  Axe in hand...'
Note: The Darwin Awards are true tales of misadventure.
Please visit the URL if you wish to verify the references.
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